Exploring Talent in Rwanda: Insights from our Eight-Day Journey with the BlackinTech Network

Together with the BlackinTech network, we spent eight transformative days in Kigali. The state of Berlin is currently funding and supporting the AfricaBerlinTech Network project and our recent visit marked the third consecutive trip (following Visit Berlin 2022 and Berlin Partner 2023).

Conclusion: Rwanda is definitely a location where it is worthwhile for German companies to build bridges. Here are a few facts and some insights:

  •  Rwanda now boasts a relatively large network of companies on the ground including MaibornWollf, Testsolutions, Codeshift, Code of Africa and Kigali Films
  •  Larger companies like Volkswagen (Volkswagen Move) and Biontech have now established their presence in Rwanda.
  •  With Carnegie Mellon and the African Leadership University, Kigali hosts two of the best universities in Africa.
  •  Almost all companies attest that corruption is not an issue in the country.
  •  Thanks to the Rwanda Development Board, there is a functioning one-stop business development programme which can ensure swift company registration (even within six working hours).

Three fun facts:

  •  There is a Bayern Munich fan club
  •  The roads and pavements are better than those in Berlin
  •  The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road World Championships will be held in Kigali in 2025, the first time to be held in Africa.

Rwanda positions itself as a “proof of concept” location in Africa. The market is small and manageable, so this approach makes perfect sense. Furthermore, Rwanda is also asserting its position worldwide as a global business service location, which given the available IT talent and IT infrastructure, also makes sense.

Of course, not all that glitters in Rwanda is gold. Regrettably, access to education is not open to everyone and not every talented individual owns a laptop. The middle class also remains modest in size. However, amongst these challenges, the people of Rwanda exhibit remarkable courtesy, coupled with a composed and collective attitude. Many entrepreneurs often describe the local people as the “North Germans” of Africa, which hits the nail on the head.

terratalent will always endeavour to implement qualification projects locally. If you are interested, simply get in touch. It is definitely worthwhile!