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Delegation Trip to Rwanda 2024

Date: 18-23 February

Join us and discover the potential for growth, innovation, and investments in the dynamic East African nation of Rwanda, the “Land of a Thousand Hills”!

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Benefits of Participation:.

  • Gain access to new business partners, sales markets or production sites
  • Get comprehensive market information
  • Benefit from the organized project visits
  • Discover new talent pools through access to universities and training institutes
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Why Rwanda?

Rwanda has established itself as a rising star in Africa, known for its impressive economic growth and stability. As one of the safest and politically stable countries on the continent, it offers an ideal environment for business and investments. With its strategic location in East Africa, Rwanda serves as a gateway to regional markets and is characterized by a strong promotion of technology and innovations. The government actively advocates for a business-friendly climate and the development of sustainable energy sources. This combination of security, innovation, and economic dynamism makes Rwanda an exciting destination for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish a presence in Africa.

Our Expertise

At terratalent GmbH, we have a team of seasoned experts ready to accompany you on your delegation trip to Rwanda. Each of our experts brings unique knowledge and experience to make your journey informative and fruitful.

Martin Theobald: is the owner of the global mobility company, terrassign. He facilitates international secondments for numerous German companies across all industries and sizes.

Burkhard Volbracht: has supported the State of Berlin in the recruitment and onboarding of international professionals for nearly 20 years. His specialty is business immigration.

Julian Zix: lived in South Asia for several years and is an expert in market access and international collaborations between Germany and emerging economies. His focus area is startups and innovations.

What Our delegation trip offers

What Our Delegation Trip Offers


Our aim is to connect German businesses with the talent pool and to leverage economic opportunities in Africa. Explore and find out more about the official delegation trip! 🌍✈️

How do I register for the delegation trip?2024-01-15T11:30:09+01:00

Registration is done through a form on our website. After receiving your registration, you will receive further details

Can the delegation trip be tailored to my interests?2024-01-15T11:33:55+01:00

We offer flexibility to customize the trip according to individual interests.

How many participants can take part in the delegation trip?2024-01-15T11:34:46+01:00

The number of participants is limited due to logistical considerations. Early registration is recommended.

What does the price of the delegation trip include?2024-01-15T11:28:15+01:00

The price covers all logistical aspects on-site, including transportation, organization of meetings, access to networking events, and expert sessions. Flight and hotel costs are separate.

Is there a deadline for registering for the delegation trip?2024-01-15T11:32:25+01:00

The recommended deadline for registration is January 20, 2024.For more information, please refer to our website.

What is the cancellation policy?2024-01-15T11:33:13+01:00

Cancellation is possible at any time, but please consider the impact on organizational planning.

Can I extend my stay in Rwanda after the delegation trip?2024-01-15T11:28:58+01:00

Yes, an extension is possible, but additional arrangements outside the program must be organized independently.

Limited Number of Available slots

Reserve your spot now for our exclusive delegation trip from Germany to Rwanda! Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this unique experience. Join us to be at the forefront of the investment and entrepreneurial landscape in one of Africa’s emerging economies.

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